How it Works

Upload Case

Local hospital doctors and or the patient can decide if they require a second opinion. From here, the local hospital can upload a medical case (second opinion request) to the server from the hospital’s portal, identifying all relevant information of the case and adding important patient files such as test results and imaging.

Engagement & Review

Physician’s abroad are able to see all available cases on the platform through the physician portal and can select any case they are qualified to take on. Once physicians request to engage a medical case and it is accepted, contact and video conferencing between the physician, local hospital, and patient can take place. Additional tests such as blood tests or X-ray imaging can be requested along with more information, which local hospitals can easily upload to the platform.

Second Opinion Report

After analysing all the relevant information, imaging, tests, and whatever else may aid the international physician in formulating a second opinion, physicians can upload a comprehensive second opinion report to the platform for both local hospital and patient to see. The report details alternative routes of action, diagnoses not previously found, recommended medicinal advice, and much more. Patients can video conference with the international physician to go over the report and ask for important advice and only once the patient is satisfied they can close the case and the international doctor can receive payment.