Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do Doctors Get Paid After Giving Second Opinions?

Second opinion-giving physicians will be paid for each successful second opinion case completed. A case is completed once a comprehensive second opinion report is uploaded to server and both receiving doctor and the patient have reviewed the report and close the case. Doctor's can view their earnings under the "Earnings" tab.

Q. Can Doctor's Choose Which Patients to Help? Can Patients Choose Their Second Opinion Doctor?

Second opinion-giving physicians are able to view and select medical cases they wish to pursue under the "Available Cases" tab, where they can easily filter for relevant cases. Patients and local hospital doctors will both receive a notification once their case is chosen and can decide if they accept the physician's request to help.

Q. Is MedSec Only for Cardiologists and Surgeries?

No, MedSec harbors a network and variety of talent, from doctors of backgrounds in pediatrics, obstetrics, cardiologyand much more to deliver impactful aid.

Q. Is There a Point in Second Opinions?

Second opinions are highly regarded as useful, effective, and mandotory in many cases amongst professsionals in the medical field. They often reveal alternative paths of action for patients with less side effects, lower costs, or easier implementationand can uncover new ways to treat illnesses which may have been deeemed non-treatable.