Accessible, Informed Second Opinions

A way for international patients to obtain medical consultations and second opinions from top Doctors.

About MedSec

MedSec aims to improve the quality of medical care globally and especially for those who may not have access to top doctors or health care. MedSec is a platform on which patients, through their local hospital, can gain second opinions of competent physicians abroad and connect with doctors to receive full consultations.

The platform is a user-friendly way for patients and doctors to get help in diagnosing, receive medical advice, share documents, and much more.

What we do

The Features that Make Health Care More Informed
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Top Talent Network

MedSec's network of top Canadian hospitals and physicians in all sorts of fields like cardiology, orthopaedic, and more allow for quality second opinions anytime.

24*7 support

Live Chat & Video

Both patients and doctors can easily connect via video or chat to medical professionals abroad at anytime, anywhere to receive medical advice, discuss best routes of action, and much more

Data security

Data Facilitation

MedSec's easy-to-use platform makes uploading relevant medical documents, laboratory results, patient health histories, ECG data, and everything in between a piece of cake for top doctors to see and use to formulate opinions.


Comprehensive Reports & Pay

Doctors, after analysing all of the relevant patient info can detail findings in Second Opinion Reports for patients and referring physicians to both see easily. For each report, doctors receive residual income.

Our Specialist Doctors

Experienced Doctors
Dr. Nadim Kamal


Dr. Ziana Zara


Dr. Rihana Roy

Lenses Expert

Dr. Rihana Roy

Lenses Expert

Frequently Asked Questions

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